Tome of Everlasting Dungeons

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DM Tools & Resources

Things We've Built

Necessity is the mother of invention. Here are things we've built that we use in our own games. These are open source, so feel free to contibute to them!

Daft Discord Bot

Set the mood of your game in Discord with music. Daft is a Discord bot that plays music based on tags.
Install Daft

Dwight Discord Bot

Assistant to the Dungeon Master. Dwight is a Discord bot that helps you run your game. Generate loot, find spells and more.
Install Dwight

Magic Item Price Calculator

Need to figure out how much that item magic costs? Use this Calculator! Takes local variables into consideration to determine the price of a magical item.
Try out the calculator

Campaign Management

Manage and track your campaign

D&D Beyond - Campaign Management

See your party's character sheets and share official content with them.

Obsidian Portal

Manage your campaign with a wiki, adventure tracking, characters, and more.

Character Tools

Manage and play your characters.

D&D Beyond - Character Sheets

Manage levels, items, spells, and more about your character.

Jump Calculator

How far exactly can my character jump? Type in your stats and get your both your high and long jump distances.

Dungeon Building

Tools and resources to help you build your dungeons.

Dungeon Scrawl

Draw and create dungeons with this free web app.

Random Dungeon Map Generator

Generate random dungeon maps.


Simple desktop application to build dungeons.


Create maps online or modify a map someone else has created.

Encounter Tools

Plan and run encounters.

D&D Beyond - Encounter Builder

Easiest way to build and run encounters.

Encounter Generator

Generate random encounters by level and environment.

CR Calculator

Calculate the CR for a homebrew or modified monster.

Loot Generator

Generate treasure for encounters, roll treasure tables, or magical items for the party.

Running the Game

Tools and resources to help you run your game.


Run games online with a virtual tabletop. Import maps, run combat, and more.

Tabletop Audio

Bring your game to the next level by using music and ambience to set the mood.

World Building

Tools and resources to help you build out homebrew worlds.

Medieval Fantasy City Generator

Generate random fantasy cities.

Fantasy Name Generators

Generate random names for different fantasy races, shops, and more.


Desktop application to create fantasy maps.

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